HAHA stupid bitch

So there’s this stupid and unrealistic girl that kept talking bullshit and throwing em crappy lies about me to people around her. Most importantly, she made up stories about me. From months to months, she kept marching them bullshit to people. But you know what, GOD IS FAIR AND GOOD. People who she thinks are on her sides, they are actually been talking crap about her. But since I don’t and never give a fuck about other’s people business, I don’t give a fuck about that too.
All I’m saying is, “If you can’t accept that the man whom you loved once isn’t yours anymore, you better get your own grip before the hatred inside you eating you alive and by saying crap and lies about the girl your ex-bf likes, doesn’t really get you anywhere”.

I ain’t dealing with you cause YOU’RE NOT WORTH my time neither my attention. I hope KARMA gets you good.

bitch, you dont know me.

You threw dirt on me and grew a wildflower. You have no idea who I am and what I am capable of. I aint like you. You are nowhere near me. I don’t go around firing and marching em bullshit to people about someone else that I barely even know. BUT YOU, you did that. I’m not sorry to say, YOU are one of those “small-minded” people. 
You tried to break me but I am alive and living an incredibly happy life with so many blessings. Thanks to you for showing up your dirty ass and showed me how to deal with a person like you. So much theory for innocent people. Like wise people say, “DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER”.
I am sticking to my own script but you bitch skipping scenes. People say, “BE GOOD OR BE GOOD AT IT”. Guess what, you’re NEITHER. You only good at making shit up. I pity you cause you’re doing it only for attentions you crave. So keep knocking but you WON’T KNOCK ME DOWN. 
Bitch you show me that you have and get no love. You’ve shown me everything but love and innocence. Oh hey but what goes around comes around right? I am more alive than I have been in my whole entire life. You can neither break my stride nor slow the momentum at any moment I’m about to blow.
You get no mercy from me. MARK MY WORDS.